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••• Alan Kalter with Significant Exhibit Highlights ••• desk chat: one. Dave wants to check with Dr. Oz regarding the dead birds. two. John Boehner has an incredibly significant gavel. Why? three. Boehner definitely requirements counseling to cope with his sobbing challenge. four. Dave received an iPad™ for Christmas. Presently he is reading through a book While using the contraption, but he is all worked up over The shortage of page quantities. Paul interjects With all the considered which the webpages are not numbered because you can regulate the font dimension, thus modifying the quantity of words and phrases for every web site. (I suppose It really is diverse from the PDF, which retains the initial quantities.) ••• Major 10 Issues Overheard During the Republicans' Initial Working day in Charge of your house ••• Dave has the iPad™ at his command module. With no webpage figures, how Are you aware of you happen to be done Using the ebook? ••• Jennifer Connelly plugs The Predicament, a film by Opie Taylor. I often anticipate her visits. She's a shocking beauty, and she normally has amazing adventures (or mishaps) to inform us about.

(clip): A fat dropped off a diving board onto some floaty point bounces Walter off and right into a pool.

(voice-around): "Some cable subscribers are complaining they don't need to pay additional to obtain the Possess network. Great news! There's Yet another celebrity network that is portion within your existing cable bundle."

The Chinese have all the money. Here is what I am gonna do: If we have a Nissan supplier or possibly a Ford dealer in here... the initial one that is available in, I'm buyin' the vehicle." Now we have an image of a Ford. The viewers groans. Paul desires to understand about solutions. Dave would not want any selections. He isn't going to even want flooring mats. It is not like he'll drive the point!

(voice-over): "New Jersey lawmakers are considering a plan that could need bicycles to possess license plates. Numerous aged folks have been strike by bicycles in modern months, but don't have any way to identify the riders.

Inside the nineteen fifties, Repair Commercial Walkin Refrigerator Brooklyn NY these yellow and black indications showing the cross streets appeared in Manhattan. Once the DOT changed them with vinyl and steel signs starting in 1964, the yellow and black coloration plan was retained. Photo courtesy Larry Rogak.

For The very first time in a very long time, we're addressed to tape of Dave staying bitten during the facial area by a Stupid Pet Methods doggie on 6/16/00. (Critically, Dave did not signify to action on his tail!) (How on earth did the Regulate room deliver up that ten-12 months-aged clip so quickly?) ••• desk chat: Dave's extremely sorry about asking Martha if she nevertheless hears from other ex-Drawbacks. ••• "Late Clearly show Audio Technician Tom Herrmann's Film Overview" / online video:

••• Present-day the supposed five-yr anniversary of Dick Cheney capturing his Buddy from the experience. You can find controversy around which working day it truly was. It can be another examine Dick Cheney's heart pump, positioned before his chest like an accordion, hunting like a pc with plumbing, and smoking cigarettes like overheated toast.

They have found no fault Together with the vehicles' electronics. Akio Toyoda is again with us to handle the conclusions. /

Trash elimination was delayed. / Photoshop enjoyment: Stuffed-total trash bags are piled up almost to the top from the Late Display marquee. Nice check out from Angelo's, I'll guess! ••• As many as five,000 deceased blackbirds were located around Beebe, Arkansas another day. Dave's by no means delighted when somebody attempts to produce a buck off a bad condition. / movie:

••• interruption: A middle-aged man sporting a trench coat and hat begins offering a pep talk to Dave. /

"Meteorologists are declaring that tomorrow or Wednesday We will be getting anything they phone thundersnow. Thundersnow. It is God's first new operate in 500 yrs.

In the event the IND Subway was constructed commencing from the late 1920s, designer/architect Squire Vickers chose to move away from the Beaux Arts terra cotta and multicolored mosaics that experienced characterised the IRT and BMT, then run by private contractors, and streamline the whole layout, with stations outfitted in one coloration with black and/or white trim. [...]

one/06/eleven [3424]: Ny's just beginning to dig out of your garbage backlog through the Dec. 27 snowstorm. / online video: Two Children, all bundled up, are developing a rubbish male outside. I hope they have experienced all their vaccinations! ••• monologue: "And with much garbage, the rats are ridiculous. And that i don't desire to alarm you, but trustworthy to God, we are knee deep in rats now Using the rubbish. Fortuitously the city has employed an additional cat." ••• Talking of rubbish, an personnel rolls a trash can on wheels close to Tony Mendez. He grabs Tony's cue playing cards, dumps 'em and rolls back again offstage. ••• Birds are slipping out on the sky far and wide. Dave suggests, "And currently, I saw my parakeet looking at the obituaries in the bottom of his cage.

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